50th Reunion Blast! Comments?
Posted Wednesday, October 28, 2009 12:33 PM

   My face hurt from laughing and grinning and smiling Saturday night when I finally turned in loong after midnight

   Good grief, what an inspiration that reunion was for me and probably for most of you, too. I reconnected and bonded  even more tightly with our fabulous Class of l959. My high school years were not the wonderful happy-go-lucky years teenagers are supposed to have, and that may be the primary reason that the reunion was so incredible for me. It was curative, fun,

   I saw people I've known since I was four years old but haven't seen since my family left Greenville in l960: Allen Butler, Harold Holiman, Evan Davis, Billy Tomkins, Buddy Mock, Peggy Keady; even Jim Burdine's spirit was present, I believe.

And  Margaret Sachs, Lindas Polson Owens, Linda Powers  Terney, Faye Owens Dixon,Sharon Pugh, Willene Dugger and Johnny Duncan, Shirley (isn't she still the cutest thing around!) Brownell, Beverly Shannon Cooper, and my goodness, Amy Johnson, she of the many-miled red and white Chevrolet we so loved. Oh, I did so love seeing you again and realizing how much I love you all!

Lynn Friedman has changed only in that her silver-streaked hair is so becoming.  I do believe I  heard Paula laughing and exclaiming, "Gurrlll!" Lynn Steed and Vernon Kimbrough, Clinton Fletcher, Charles Purvis, John Hanberry reminded me of Mr. Rennick. And, did you hear Shirley tell Billy MUffeletto (Billy, surely you work out for a couple of hours EVERY day. Wow!) that Mr. Rennick told her she could certainly march in the band, but "do not blow that instrument!" Betty Jo Banks and I sat, stood, and/or kneeled beside each other in  the class photo. I was puffing like an old, old woman when we had to stand again. Betty Jo was  lovely in dress and manner, as usual.

   Who knew Mary Rose Wells could dance for tv if she wanted to do so? What a bootscooter! She and her busband should have been on "Bandstand."

Did I mention that Benny Dykes is still gorgeous, handsome, gracious and gorgeous? As is Nancy Blackmon. Marie Cousley and I put on our "teacher voices" and directed people around like we were the Shell Sisters while Rodney and Robert Taylor showed they hadn't changed even one iota when  Rodney, as wonderfully usual, gave Robert orders: "Brother, you read the first name and I'll read the next" and Roberts' reply was "Huh?"

   Brenda Burks (whose daughter teaches English in the bad place...Kabul, Afghanistan!), and Ann Burns, a motorcyclist with her husband George, reminded us that our Class of l959 was and remains pretty dang phenomenal. Tommy Cain was everywhere, talking with all the women (who is surprised at that?); Gerald Daniel is still a bit on the quiet side, and he has kept that sardonic little smile that makes us wonder just what he is up to...

   Loved Charles Davenport's impressive mustache and Charles Fendley's memories of scaring the "W" girls with his wild driving from Starkville to Greenville. Duane Garrett made all the blondes look dinghy (well, me anyway) and Larry Graham may have had more fun that anyone else. He has retained his booming laugh. Anne Hasel came in a bit late, but she looked so good as did Mary Catherine Jordan. Hazel Wilcox cracked a  joke or two and was a help with the reunion planning, as was Sally White, still among the best-looking women in attendance.

   And who knew that Gene Allen Lott (he of the famed '50s dancing) and his blond air would have replaced his blonde, blonde hair with  a mighty beard? Buddy Mock and Penny Moss had a ball, I know, for I watched them all night: Buddy, quiet but grinning like he knew a secret, and Penny talking a blue streak, flirting and probably tellintg all his secrets.

   Albert Paul, handsome with his silver hair and contagious grin; Jerry Peyton, sharing pictures and loving every minute of conversation; Lynn Steed, still the lithe and pretty girl who marched with us in the band, and Harvey Davis, whom we all thought was shy. Not so, not so. What a dancer he is!

   Louise Wilson had reason to be so shiny and happy...she has a new husband and is proud of him. She told me she especially likes his beard. Hugh Braswell, lean and still brilliant, is a marathon runner. Wonder if he could outrun Max Orr? Kenneth Dowe, of Texas radio fame, sat in the back corner and observed, but didn't miss one thing.

   Then all over the place all night and for months before were Max Orr and Bo Cooper. Max has organizatonal skills and tenacity we all should have had in high school. He dang near singlehandedly got this incredible weekend going. He was, of course, most ably assisted by the story-teller of all time, Bo Cooper, who should have been a bounty hunter. Bo can find anyone. Anyone, I tell you.


Lord, I hope I've not omitted anyone. Please accept my apology if I have, but know that we were young and beautiful and innocent and powerful beyond our wildest imaginations. We are still beautiful and powerful.  I am so fortunate to be one of you.
I love us so much.